Stadius Case Study: How XXXX and The Cavill Hotel surprised and delighted rugby league fans.


Owned by Lion, The XXXX brand is over 140 years old. XXXX Gold is one of Australia’s largest selling beers and has been a long-term sponsor of the Queensland Maroons State Of Origin Rugby League team.

The Cavill Hotel is an iconic venue in the heart of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. It is part of the Hallmark Group portfolio, a progressive hospitality group that owns and operates a diverse range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs across Australia.


As research suggests, drinkers are 80% more likely to re-order the first drink they have in a venue, so XXXX were keen to use their overarching sponsorship of the QLD Maroons to drive ‘liquid-on-lips’ and the ability to re-engage and incentivise during the State Of Origin event window.

The Cavill Hotel were keen to increase sales and drive repeat visitation for Game 3 of the series.

Both XXXX and The Cavill Hotel needed a solution that:      

  • Could allow patrons to collect a reward for either immediate or future use 
  • Would incentivise further purchases
  • Could be gifted to a friend or family
  • Could engage and incentivise patrons post visitation
  • Be easily managed by the venue and staff
  • Surprise and delight the patron


The Cavill Hotel offered a complimentary XXXX over the 3 week period between Game 2 and Game 3 of the State Of Origin Series. To claim the offer, patrons scanned the QR code on the point-of-sale promotional material which prompted them to download the Stadius app.

Once they had signed up, the patron simply scanned the same QR code to claim the complimentary XXXX token, which dropped into their wallet.

They could claim the XXXX immediately by redeeming the token at the bar or keep it to use at a later date within the promotional period before Game 3.

This is where the magic happened!

In the lead up to Game 3 – XXXX and The Cavill Hotel could see who claimed the original XXXX token and surprise and delight them with a follow up complimentary beer if they came back to the venue for Game 3.

The token was airdropped into their Stadius wallet and could only be redeemed on the Game Day.

Stadius helped XXXX and The Cavill Hotel:

  • Incentive the purchase of XXXX
  • Increase visitation
  • Surprise and delight fans for prior engagement
  • Create a database for future engagement opportunities

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