An introduction to Stadius

Fans everywhere love nothing more than seeing their favourite team or artist play. For brands, this provides the perfect opportunity to tap into that captive audience and engage with fans in a way that drives sales. 

However, the challenge is that the rewards and incentives brands provide fans in return for engagement are hard to track, inefficient, and restricted to closed ecosystems.

What’s more, new age fans are technology savvy and expect more when it comes to how brands engage with them. If brands aren’t meeting them on the platforms and technology arenas they love, an instant barrier appears, and the cost of acquiring the fans of tomorrow becomes too costly to justify.

Not anymore.

Stadius is revolutionising rewards by allowing fans to collect, redeem and share rewards in an exciting new way that drives engagement.

By giving brands a suite of web3 enabled tools, they now have the power to create campaigns, distribute reward tokens and track/ analyse their performance, all in real-time. 

Ultimately, this means brands can make better decisions regarding how they spend their sponsorship & marketing dollars, resulting in better conversion rates throughout the entire sales and marketing funnel.

With a strong background in sports marketing, experiential, sponsorship, and digital, the Stadius founding team has a successful track record in delivering campaigns for national and global brands across an array of sports, entertainment & retail properties.

Led by Rik Conti and Dave Heavyside, the duo share combined passions across sport, marketing and technology, which has resulted in Stadius lying at the convergence of these three areas.

The Stadius MVP was completed in January 2022, which was followed by a series of conversations and demonstrations with brands, caterers and venues. Armed with a range of insights, the team then proceeded with another round of development in order to build out additional features with a stronger focus on enhancing the fan experience and onboarding the masses into the web3 ecosystem. This is done via a simple and familiar UI/UX that taps into today’s fans’ existing behavioural patterns and expectations.

Stadius has signed a 6-month service agreement with Lion QLD, which holds brands such as XXXX, Stone & Wood and White Claw in their portfolio, to deliver a range of on-premise activations throughout their venue network in QLD, Australia.

Hallmark Group, which owns over 12 Venues along the East Coast of QLD, has also come on board with in-venue testing and onboarding to commence on the 18th of May 2022. 

With a go-to-market strategy focused on leveraging our brand clients’ marketing and sponsorship spend, tapping into captive audiences such as stadium crowds will result in quickly and efficiently onboard users. 

With a top-down and bottom-up approach, we believe that our mission to enhance the fan experience on behalf of brands in sport and entertainment by using web3 technologies will result in highly engaged fans that become paying customers of brands.

Stadius. Reward Yourself.

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